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We were founded in 2022 to serve the world's Hongshan culture lovers so that they can obtain ancient divine jade at the best price. All our ancient jade comes from the family's heirloom collectionuh

Multimedia collage

  • Hongshan culture dragon

    The dragon has been advocating the mythical animal of the Chinese nation since ancient times, symbolizing the beginning of Chinese civilization. However, the origin of the image of the dragon has always been one of the biggest mysteries in the history of Chinese culture. At that time, the ancient Chinese name for a kind of jade found in Hongshan and other places, also known as jade beast Jue. It is considered to be the earliest prototype of the dragon. However, due to its special shape, the archaeological community has a lot of controversy over whether the jade is defined as a pig or a dragon, and some people think it is a bear. Its purpose is not yet clear, and it is mostly believed to be a religious ritual vessel.

  • Shamanism

    Shamanism is a religious practice that involves a practitioner (shaman) interacting with what they believe to be a spirit world through altered states of consciousness, such as trance.The goal of this is usually to direct spirits or spiritual energies into the physical world for the purpose of healing, divination, or to aid human beings in some other way.

  • Jade God Man

    Hongshan culture has a strong religious color. In the northeastern region of my country where Hongshan culture is located, there is a religion called "shaman", which is a primitive religion commonly believed by northern Siberia and Ural Altai languages. People who perform special religious ceremonies in shamanism are called "shamans" and are considered to be divine media who can directly communicate with gods and the superworld. When "practising witchcraft", "shamans are in a coma", and their bodies are occupied by gods or their souls go out of their bodies. Enter the superworld and become a vassal of the gods. This primitive religious feature seems to have something in common with the composition of the gods and beasts, and there may be a certain relationship between the two.